Things I like

This is a post that I will continue to edit and update. Because I would like to think that my “likes” will dissolve and evolve everyday I wake up. I will have to categorize these…..of course.  I am random, but not messy you see.


IN EVERYTHING: sea foam green (hands down winner of this category)

IN CLOTHES: a gray with depth

IN NATURE: shallow water color (you know the one. It makes you suddenly not so scared of the ocean or what lies beneath what you can see…creepy)

IN MAN MADE: gas residue in water

IN FURNITURE: vintage blue



Comfy furry slippers (fake fur)

Baggy long sleeved boyfriend shirts


Thigh high boots (brrrrrrt meow)

chokers (no I don’t wear them anymore….but kinda liked that style. Not the shitty fake tribal band ones….GOD those were so dumb.)



Off Road






All you can eat sushi….mmmm


Gasoline from a boat (I know it shouldn’t smell different. Reminds me of fun times though and for that, it needs to be this specific)

Warm Skin with tanning oil (coconut)

MISC (this will hopefully evolve into more categories)

Bright colored nail polish (in the jar…..never looks better than in the jar)

Slap bracelets

Watching fish swim (small active ones…not the big fish that just look sad like if they see that same fake coral piece one more time, they will break the glass and end this poor existence for everyone)

The sound of trickling water in a distance (like a fish tank or a slow moving stream)

Typing fast without making a mistake

Emotional over fictional characters

I just got done watching the movie, Ted, and like many movies, I cried. Now, I wouldn’t say that I am Sobby Sally. I am really not that person, BUT I get really into entertainment. Whether it’s a movie, a book, music, a fucking commercial (yes I got all choked up over a commercial once. It was one of those Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commercials in the mid 90’s. So wholesome, I just had to tear up. It was about a grandmother and a grandson. Couldn’t find it on YouTube, so you will just have to take my word for it.) I just get INTO shit.

I get emotionally attached to these fictional characters. Not always crying mind you. Sometimes I smile with the characters or giggle. I have been told from friends that it is hilarious to watch me, watch a movie. During the movie, Transformers, my friends say that they looked over and when Optimus Prime came on for the first time, I had the BIGGEST geeky smile they had ever seen. I was apparently sitting on my hands I appeared so excited, like a kid seeing the carnival for the first time and tall enough to ride the rides. Big, wide brown eyes full of so much anticipation and adrenaline. Yes. Over Optimus Prime.

Anyway back to Ted. You know that there is something up when even your mom says, “REALLY? Are you sniffling? He is a stuffed animal. You and your Dad are so funny.” (note: This trait must be hereditary because my Dad is worse than me when it comes to this issue.)

AND…Don’t even get me started on books. After I finish a book, I go through withdrawals. Don’t laugh, but after all 14 or so Sookie Stakehouse Novels, I lost my shit for like a week. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT THOSE CHARACTERS IN MY LIFE?! AAAAAAHHHHHH

Oh man. I read through the Hunger Games like I needed it to breathe and when that was all done, I had nothing to talk about to my girlfriend except how I was soooo FUCKING disappointed on how they totally botched the ending of that trilogy. Grrrr gets me angry just thinking about it. Katniss is so much stronger than that. GARBAGE. I still cried though.

I have a name, but I am not going to be sharing that in this blog. I have chosen this route not because I have anything against transparency. It is quite the opposite actually. I want to be as transparent as possible, which is why I will NOT be censoring my words, only my identity. Call me a turkey. I don’t give a shit right now.

Will people likely figure out who I am? Probably not. Look at how many wordpress blogs are out there. If you do, kudos to you…you little Sherlock.

I realize that I am totally late to the blogging game. I know. Everything has already been said and done out there in the world, but not in my world.

Expect the random. I am sure that I will have set categories because I am somewhat OCD, but I am trying not to be too structured.

Why no name?